Introductions, Roses

  • low wide shrub rose of about 70 cm high and 80 cm wide
  • very regular in height and shape and excellent as a groundcover
  • single bright pink flowers with yellow stamens, slightly sweet-smelling like Rosa rugosa
  • rich flowering and continuous-flowering from early June to late October; good for insects
  • very healthy dark green leaves that stay on the plant for a long time; ochre yellow autumn colour
  • many glossy red hips
  • tolerant to sea wind and road salt
  • completely thornless, therefore easy to manage
  • on its own root, so can be pruned mechanically
  • for planting areas of any size, in residential areas, in parks, for traffic applications and embankments, around businesses and institutions, in flower boxes
  • management intensity: extensive
  • pruning frequency: 1 x every 4 years
  • number per m2: 4-5.

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