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Innovators in Landscape Plants for 75 years

Your reliable partner in landscape planting. For over 75 years, we have been specialising in growing and supplying a wide assortment of trees, shrubs, conifers, roses, perennials, forest and hedge plants, and other products for urban and landscape planting. We supply professional customers such as municipalities, landscaping companies, landscape contractors and Landscape Architects throughout Europe.

Quality is a priority at Boot & Dart. We maintain high standards not just for our products, recommendations and solutions, but also in terms of sustainability, reliability and fulfilling commitments.

Kwekerij Zundert bomen solitairs solitairen Boot En Dart

Avenue trees

In our avenue tree plots, we grow a wide range of chemical-free trees with the Planet Proof label and the SKAL label. We deploy plant enhancers and biological agents to make the tree more resilient. Through specific ditch and verge management, grass paths with flower mixtures, nesting boxes for birds, we encourage the preservation of natural enemies and biodiversity We work in accordance with the guidelines of the Handbook on Trees 2022

Ingazen heesters Boot En Dart

Full-ground cultivation

In Boskoop, we still grow outdoors in the traditional way. We give our plants enough space to develop optimally.

Op ons containerveld in Zundert kweken we een breed assortiment van heesters en rozen.  We hebben een gesloten systeem (recirculerend) , waardoor er geen emissie naar oppervlakte- en grondwater is.

Container field

Container field: On our container field in Zundert, we grow a wide range of shrubs and roses. We have a closed system (recirculating) , so there is no emission to surface and groundwater.

Retentievijver_nieuwe loods_achter (08) recirculatie


Boot&dart benefits from recirculation at their nursery by minimising water losses and reusing nutrients, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable growing process with lower operational costs. This provides a more stable environment for crops and reduces the risk of diseases and pests, improving quality and yield.

Boot12 Biologische teelt

Organic cultivation

Boot & Dart aims to grow completely organic in the near future, responding to the growing demand for sustainably produced products.

the quality

of our products

The quality of our products begins with the initial material, which is taken from our own mother plants. We specifically grow and breed new plants that offer solutions and have added value. Three criteria are leading here: the new plants must be healthy and strong, suitable for large scale management, and have an ornamental value. Throughout the entire cultivation and delivery process, every plant and tree is fully traceable. This guarantees vitality and authenticity.

the quality

of our logistics

Boot & Dart’s dedicated, expert team is at your service, dedicated to delivering your order in a single drop, , on time, and to the right place. In just one season, Boot & Dart processes and delivers thousands of different orders, varying greatly in size. We understand the level of complexity involved and know that complete, timely and hassle-free service is essential. To achieve this, we work with dedicated logistics partners who deliver our products to the customer on time while preserving top product quality.

Our two locations in Boskoop and Zundert are situated near the main logistics hubs for the international nursery trade. Thanks to effective communication between the office, the warehouse and the nurseries, we are able to work quickly, efficiently, flexibly and meticulously. This approach significantly reduces the chance of errors, improves product quality and reduces costs.

the quality

of our advice

Knowledgeable staff at Boot & Dart are committed to finding the best green solutions for your project, no matter how complex. We take the time to discuss your project with you in detail, and support you throughout, from the preliminary design to the delivery of the planting stock . Our approach is thorough, including site visits, soil structure analysis and aftercare guidance. Boot & Dart is known for our customer-oriented approach.

Boot & Dart Boomkwekerijen BV emerged from two leading companies with a wealth of experience in the tree nursery sector, dating back to 1951 for Boot & Co and 1924 for Darthuizer Before we merged our businesses.

Besides sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers, a long-term relationship with our employees is an important part of our long-term vision.

Boot & Dart combine the best of two worlds: the stability and dedication of a family business, with the professionalism and innovation of a modern enterprise. Boot & Dart responds quickly to changes, meeting our customers’ specific needs and offering solutions that match market demands

At Boot & Dart Boomkwekerijen BV, we are busy building a sustainable future. Our nurseries recycle and carefully use water and our innovative office buildings in Boskoop and Zundert are energy neutral. We are strongly committed to organic cultivation methods and the use of biodegradable pots. Our ambition is to achieve entirely organic cultivation soon. At Boot & Dart, sustainable thinking and sustainable action are in our DNA. With our products and sustainability initiatives, we actively contribute to a greener environment in collaboration with our employees and all our business partners. Boot & Dart has various certifications that underline our commitment to reliable and sustainable business practices.

Co2 performance ladder

Boot & Dart is actively working on its CO2 reduction. Using the CO2 Performance Ladder, Boot & Dart has gained insight into its CO2 emissions. The emission inventory was translated into our emission CO2 footprint.

From the emissions inventory, Boot & Dart has formulated a number of targets. Based on these targets, Boot & Dart aims to actively reduce its CO2 footprint. These objectives are included in the energy management action plan. Also available in our portfolio at Certificaathouders(

Below is the Report Emission Inventory

Boot & Dart is involved with a number of other organisations in various chain initiatives to reduce CO2.

The CO2 performance ladder is a standard to encourage companies to be CO2-conscious in their own operations and when carrying out projects. This mainly involves saving energy, using materials efficiently and using increasingly sustainable energy. More can be found at

De CO2-prestatieladder is het instrument bij uitstek voor Boot & Dart om onze emissie-inventaris, of CO2-voetafdruk, te inventariseren, te streven naar reductie en dit actief te bereiken met belanghebbenden om ons heen. Dit wordt middels het certificaat onderstreept.

Through our internal and external communications (including via our website), we aim to periodically update everyone on our progress in reducing our CO2 emissions. You can contact us if you have any further questions regarding the CO2 Performance Ladder.

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environmental systems

Quality assurance systems


investing in


Through De Groene Stad and various other projects, Boot & Dart invests in knowledge about the application and added value of landscape planting . This allows us to support scientific research into the contribution of trees and plants to a livable, climate-resilient environment.

Research by TNO and Wageningen University

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